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Discover your natural beauty
quickly and easily

e zdjęcie


Discover your
natural beauty
quickly and easily

My struggle

I remember the day when I attended the meeting with a critical supplier. There was five of us (including our director) and three representatives from the supplier’s side. I met the director about a week later and he asked me: “Were you at that meeting?”. For a moment I shrunk, felt disappointed and unimportant. During that meeting I was “sitting at the table” (using Sheryl Sandberg’s words), not in the corner, small and invisible. What was wrong with me?


I found my answer a few months later when I was going through my closet with my new color palette in hand. The wool navy suit (business classic, isn’t it?) I had worn that day was too dark and overpowering to my natural coloring. The mint top (pastels were in fashion then) was too muted, draining the energy from my face. There was nothing wrong with me – it was my way of presenting myself to the world.

At that time I was living and working in the USA. I had been color analyzed as Summer a few years earlier in Poland and found some of the recommendations helpful. However, something was still missing. In my attempts to figure out what it was, I found out about Sci\ART on the internet. I consider myself lucky to have had a 12 Blueprints analyst living in the same state. My Personal Color Analysis with her took about 5 hours and had a surprising result. But it was like magic – I finally felt happy and at peace. Things started clicking into place.

My mission

That PCA opened my eyes to the power of color and how it can be used to give a woman strength, confidence and joy of being truly herself. When it turned out that my husband and I would be moving back to Poland, I realized that it was my only chance to take this knowledge and PCA skill with me, to empower women back at home. I trained with Christine Scaman, the founder of 12 Blueprints, in October 2016. One year later launch of my business was officially announced to the color community.

I currently work full time for a large international company, while pursuing my passion for color and style after hours. I know from my own experience how uncomfortable and fake it feels to try to adapt to dress code, fashion rules, expectations. If you are entering the career path, are already at the top or trying to stay in the game while too many young faces appear around you – I will help you look professional and authentic. Are you a student, staying at home mom or retired? Color analysis changes lives of everyone, every time.

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