Personal Color Analysis – 450 pln (~100 euro)

We will discover your type of natural coloring (called Season) during a 3 to 4 hours appointment at my studio, using carefully calibrated 12 Blueprints Test Drapes. You will also benefit from Luxury Drapes and 12 Blueprints cosmetics which will help validate your Season and will make your color experience complete. Post our meeting you will receive a personalized information package with description of your Season and practical tips how to utilize this knowledge.

What are the Luxury Drapes? Unlike the Test Drapes, they are not used in the Season selection process. Sets of Test Drapes for every Tone consist of only 5 colors calibrated in a way which brings out differences between the types and therefore makes choosing the best palette easier. Luxury sets consist of 15-20 drapes and are used when your Season is already known in order to provide better understanding how to apply and adapt to your needs this newly gained knowledge.

As a result of this session you will receive:

  • knowledge which colors flatter your natural beauty the most and which ones you should avoid;
  • broader range of colors for your Season in Luxury Drapes;
  • “WOW effect” in the most beautiful colors for your type of coloring;
  • understanding of your best neutrals and best versions of black and white for professional look;
  • the most interesting color combinations;
  • your optimal individual contrast level;
  • fabric textures which enhance your natural beauty the most;
  • a .pdf guidebook of your Season;
  • a few pictures of you in the drapes of your Season;
  • guidelines making your shopping and wardrobe choices easier;
  • recommendation of best hair color (if you color your hair);
  • recommendation of jewelry colors and materials;
  • recommendation of the best makeup colors;
  • a list of over 100 color cosmetics of various brands available in stores, which harmonize with your Season;
  • possibility to try on and purchase 12 Blueprints cosmetics calibrated with your seasonal palette (see WORK WITH ME -> 12B COSMETICS);
  • access to the secret Color Forum on Facebook;
  • practice at clothing and makeup products swatching at my studio;
  • individual color palette of True Colour International (optional, additional cost of 150 pln to the PCA service price);
  • a .pdf guide for fabrics and cosmetics swatching at home;
  • my support and advice to help you embrace your Season in the following months.

You can go directly to my calendar to pick a date and book your appointment. Please check also FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS to learn how to prepare for the PCA.

Personal Color Analysis gift certificates are available, please e-mail me for details.