Personal Image Analysis – 300 pln (~70 euro)

Every person is equipped by nature with unique proportions, shapes, scale and symmetry which can have Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine or Romantic essence. The skill of recognizing and following your body lines in order to translate them into clothing is the key to achieving harmony between who you are and what you wear.

Personal Image Analysis (PIA) provides with you with answer to the question what type of body you have and how to work with it. As a result of PIA you receive theoretical knowledge and practical guide of clothing and accessories which work best for you.

You can book your Image Archetype analysis in my online calendar. PIA session can be conducted in person (in my studio) or remotely (video conference via Zoom or Messenger).


Feedback from my clients


“The consultation (…) helped me a lot to start developing a conscious approach to clothing. I feel more confident shopping now and spend less time choosing what to wear, since I got more clothes in my wardrobe that I actually feel good wearing. There’s still some way to go to where I want to be, but at least I’m on the way and not lost at a crossroads anymore. Thank you for helping me get there!”

Agnes, Yin Gamine, Germany 


“Thank you very much for the photos and info you sent me, and most of all, for your time and hospitality yesterday! I had a very interesting and, in some ways surprising, experience but now the outcome is slowly starting to make sense”

Natalie, Yang Classic, Germany


“It took me a bit of a time to wrap my head around my natural yang archetype. The guide you sent me gave me a better understanding of it. I can see how this style (…) fit me well.”

Heather, Yang Natural, Austria


“Jeans with higher waist were a game changer!”

Anna, Yin Natural, Poland