Style Strategy

Individual 10-weeks Style Coaching Program 

Personal style can only be authentic if it derives from who you are, i.e. if it combines the canvas given you by nature (your body – it’s colors and shapes), your individual preferences and your lifestyle. Developing harmonious, consequent and unique style requires strategic approach – holistic, long term and aimed to achieve specific results.

My 10-weeks program, Style Strategy, is based on proven methodology used for building effective business strategies. I take you through the process of your personal style development in a few steps:

  • we start with identification of your style goals
  • we review internal factors which are the colors and lines given you by nature
  • we explore external factors which impact your style (lifestyle, individual preferences, inspirations)
  • then we choose the key style elements
  • we combine them to create definition of your personal style
  • we conclude with an action plan to bring your strategy to life
  • (optional) if you are a solopreneur, we discuss how your personal style impacts your branding.

To review the detailed agenda of this program and find out if it is right for you, please do not hesitate to book a slot for a free video call in my calendar (can be conducted via Messenger or Zoom).


Here is what my clients say about this course:  


“I’ve been on a quest to learn more about myself in order to be more authentic in everything I do. Despite a fashion design background, I struggled with the confidence to present myself like I truly wanted. Before getting a new set of head shots for my business I started working with Anna and she was instrumental in helping me present myself in a more authentic (an fun) way. If you are struggling with learning more about your style please work with Anna, you will walk away looking at yourself in a whole new way.”

Megan, entrepreneur, USA


„I have been trying to capture my personal style for years. I have searched and tried many things with various results. I could realize neither my style’s incoherence, nor my fashion mistakes. Only when seeing a picture of myself I shook my head in disbelief ‘oh my, is this really how I look in this piece?‘ I had a closet full of clothes and ¾ of them were hardly or never worn. Until I met Perfect Mood Board.

I started small – with color analysis. This experience turned my life up side down. It turned out that most of the colors I loved wearing makes my skin look sick and my face disappear next to them. When Anna changed drape after drape I could see it clearly. It was difficult to part with these colors (especially with my hair color) but I decided to trust Anna and embraced the change 100%. As a result I started getting compliments on how great I look and how the new hair color suits me from everyone around me. I still have got a few clothes in my old colors in my closet but nowadays I do not even feel like wearing them.

Then I went full speed – complete style strategy! It is funny but it was a sort of psychoanalysis for me. I had to think through every aspect of my style, including how I wanted to feel, what effects I wanted my clothes to make and what picture of me they were expected to build… I had never thought about clothing in such way before. I just used to buy what I liked. No wonder that each purchase did not work with other clothes I owned. Such clothes used to hang in my closet for three years never worn. Even though I loved the design, I did not feel comfortable wearing them.

After Style Strategy with Anna I know what I want. My closet is consistent and making outfits became easy. Any unworn item is promptly removed from my closet in order to make space for pieces which make me smile. Now I can say it with confidence: this truly is my style.

If you feel that you need to sort it all out too, want style that represents you or are just curious how it works, there is no better person that Anna to help you discover your style. I recommend it with all my heart!”

Agata, manager, Poland