Style Strategy

Individual 10-weeks Style Coaching Program 

Personal style can only be authentic if it derives from who you are, i.e. if it combines the canvas given you by nature (your body – it’s colors and shapes), your individual preferences and your lifestyle. Developing harmonious, consequent and unique style requires strategic approach – holistic, long term and aimed to achieve specific results.

My 10-weeks program, Style Strategy, is based on proven methodology used for building effective business strategies. I take you through the process of your personal style development in a few steps:

  • we start with identification of your style goals
  • we review internal factors which are the colors and lines given you by nature
  • we explore external factors which impact your style (lifestyle, individual preferences, inspirations)
  • then we choose the key style elements
  • we combine them to create definition of your personal style
  • we conclude with an action plan to bring your strategy to life
  • (optional) if you are a solopreneur, we discuss how your personal style impacts your branding.

To review the detailed agenda of this program and find out if it is right for you, please do not hesitate to book a slot for a free video call in my calendar (can be conducted via Messenger or Zoom).